Impressions of the First Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Reviews

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 11:46 AM

So the first reviews of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen are out after it's premiere in the UK. Rottentomatoes currently has 10 reviews collected with 6 being good and 4 being rotten giving the film a current score of 5.4 out of 10. Not the greatest of starts really. So far the overall consensus is that the film is too long and loud. One reviewer from screen daily dot com writes that "Performance-wise the machines do tend to upstage the humans." Of course they freaking do!!! That is the whole point of the movie!! It's about giant freaking transforming robots!!! If it was me I wouldn't even have any humans in it really, it'd be like the original TV show where apart from 1 or 2 people (the original Witwickies) humans were only ever seen running away in terror. If you are going to this film expecting to see quality, Oscar performances from LeBouef and Fox then you clearly are in the wrong theatre. I mean honestly what actor could hold an audiences attention when there is a car that can turn into a 30 foot robot next to him? Also I love how no one is prepared to sit through a long film anymore. Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds which premiered at Cannes was about 2 and a half hours and majority of critics complained about it saying it dragged along and was way too long and now Tarantino is trying to re-edit it for theatrical release. Similar criticism has been released about Revenge of the Fallen. It's a summer blockbuster!! They are supposed to be long and loud and not make sense. You are supposed to go there and be like my mind has been blown by how freaking awesome that just looked and that's it. It's pure escapism. I mean come on who honestly goes to these movies expecting an engaging storyline filled with moral dilemmas, political intrigue and serious drama...apart from reviewers ofcourse. These films are designed for the inner child in all of us, well mostly the inner boy in all of us, who sat around watching Looney Tunes cartoons were all they did was try to kill each other and we loved it. That is the pure glee and excitement these films are trying to give us and if you can realise that then you can enjoy these movies and not even notice how long it was or how loud it was. Those that were positive reviews seemed to reiterate this stance, saying that older people may not look it and that it is a film for the child in all of us and well for actual kids. Also saying that the specatacle is for everyone but the story may be more fan boy directed. Obviously seeing as I'm not a kick ass reviewer, yet, I haven't been able to go to an advanced screening of it but I will be seeing it on the 24th when it comes out and will be posting my own thoughts then. I can almost say with certainty that I will love it, any excuse to go and see giant transforming robots fighting each other is good enough for me and considering that there are more in this one and it's longer I'm already happy.



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