Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Debut Trailer

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 11:05 AM

Spider-Man fans are kind of like Transformers fans when it comes to video games. The ideas seem like a match made in heaven but the end product never really comes close to satisfying. That is why I've all but given up on Spider-Man games, almost. Enter Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions where the Spider-Man Noir story is just one of four universes at play. Trailer after the jump:

The game seems ambitious and very interesting. The trailer shows off the 1930's Noir Spider-Man and the current day Amazing Spider-Man universes. Including Noir Spider-Man is a bold move as the series is only new and not many people would know about it. What it does, though, is allow the creators to show different sides of Spider-Man and create a different feel in the game. The first thing you notice is the two universes actually look distinctly different from each other. The Noir universe looks darker and more dangerous and definetley more realist whereas the Amazing universe has that real comic-book feel with brightly coloured more cel-shaded environments. I'll be interested to know whether the different Spider-Men have different attacks and abilities or if they will be identical. If that's the case that would be a real disappointment.

The game also seems to have a mix between third-person and first-person action. The main issue with Spider-Man games is how to best implement his web-slinging powers. Griptonite seem to be trying the first-person perspective to see how that works out.

The game by no means looks perfect or an instant buy. Some of the animations look a bit dodgy and laggy and some of the character designs are average at best but it does show enough promise to warrant my following of its progress. Just what will the other two universes be?



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