Say What?

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 2:32 PM

Aliens are trying to take over our seas!!!! Well at least they are in the Battleship universe Peter Berg is creating for the Hasbro board games big screen adaptation. According to Latino Review, no confirmation on where the story actually came from, the international five vessel fleet that will be the focus of the movie will have to do battle with aliens.

Seriously, aliens??? I will say this, I did not see it coming but I don't know if I like it. I wrote in an article on the 8th circuit that it would be hard for the studios to keep the integrity of the toys we grew up on, trying to create movies out of them while still remaining faithful to the original material. In all my years of Battleshipping I never remember my opponent being an alien. Why are the aliens attacking our seas? Maybe their planet has been screwed over even more by green house gases and what not and they are trying to steal our water.

Obviously Hasbro are smiling at this prospect though, they get to release a fancy new Battleship game complete with alien battleships. Hooray for merchandising. Seriously, could this be good? Even in the slightest? Possibly I mean everyone loves to see aliens, especially new alien races (ie Avatar, District 9) so there will definetley be some curiosity and interest as to what the new race is. I also imagine it will have a hefty budget so we will see some impressive, and different battleships, I mean who hasn't wondered what an alien navy would look like? Airforces have been done to death so at least they are trying to be different. The plot, though, will probably equal shit.

The movie comes out on August 5 2011 and so far this story hasn't been confirmed so it could just be complete bullshit....still aliens?????



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