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With the success of Iron Man and the rebooting of the Batman franchise comic books have become the hottest property in Hollywood with producers and studios racing around to snap up the next big thing. This has seen Hollywood enlist mainstream, well known characters like Thor, Captain America and the Green Lantern along with some of the lesser known, independent or underground characters like Jonah Hex or The Goon. What it means is we can't go a day without some piece of comic book movie news hitting the web and today I've got a bit of a collection of information for you.

Ryan Reynolds Interview- First up there's an interview with Ryan Reynolds over at MTV. The bulk of that interview happens to be about the actors roles in not one but TWO comic book films, DC's The Green Lantern and Marvel's Deadpool. Read the interview to see what he has to say, apparently the Green Lantern costume is pretty damn cool.

MTV: When you take a look at this year, does it feel like, in the scheme of things, it's a landmark year, personally or professionally?

Reynolds: It's been probably the most unbelievable year of my life. Starting with setting some goals that I didn't think would be possible several years before, running a marathon, getting married -- the year has been incredible, all across the board. The fact that "Green Lantern" is something that's about to get going full-steam pretty soon, and then there is "Deadpool" on the horizon as well. If you asked me if this would be happening three years ago, I would have kick-f---ed you back to where you were from.

MTV: All these things we're talking about are things you set in motion. You pursued them, you kind of went after them. Does that make it a little bit more gratifying?

Reynolds: It's incredibly validating and gratifying when you can see that you can manifest something that you desperately want or a goal that you have. This is a difficult industry to get anything made, let alone a passion project, so when you see people understand what your vision is and come aligned with that common goal, it's pretty cool. I'm including all the creative types that are actually involved with "Deadpool" and "Green Lantern," because those guys want to make an authentic movie, and that's something a few years ago studios disregarded.

MTV: You have done everything from a publicity tour with Betty White to trying on the Green Lantern costumes. So, in looking back at the year, is there a moment that sums it up, that encapsulates what 2009 was about?

Reynolds: I think, seeing the prototypes for the Green Lantern costumes was a huge moment. It was a moment when I was like, "This is happening, and it's happening in the right way." That's a pretty cool, definitive moment for me.

MTV: Were you happy with the incarnation of Wade Wilson and Deadpool in "Wolverine"? Do you think you captured what you wanted to in the first look at Wade?

Reynolds: Yeah, I think the initial moment of the sequences that involve Wade, I think it did. It's always difficult to fully embrace something that isn't perfect, in terms of staying true to the source material. So it was a little bit frustrating. I really wanted to play Wade, and I really wanted to play Deadpool, and it would kill me to see someone else play them. I had a kind of ham-fisted attitude that it had to be perfect, but it doesn't. The movie's called "Wolverine," it's not called "Deadpool" or "Wade." I thought it was a nice little wink and tip of the hat to things to come. Finding the tone of that character alone is such a difficult prospect. I've been in so many meetings lately about "Deadpool" and meeting all these writers. Everyone is always looking for that one line, "What is that character?" and for me it's kind of like, "There's a guy, and he's in a highly militarized comedic fame spiral." That's not an easy thing to write -- an entire screenplay, let alone a franchise. I had a blast playing Wade. Every line I had in that was stuff I thought he would say. It wasn't something that a writer said to me. It was fun to really create that character, including everything he spits out of his awful mouth.

MTV: Does your love of "Green Lantern" and Hal Jordan go back far?

Reynolds: I've known about "Green Lantern" my whole life, but I've never really followed it before. I fell in love with the character when I met with [director] Martin Campbell. When I sat down with him, I really got what it is that this guy is all about. When you have a guy like Martin Campbell, part of his charm is that he has ba--s of titanium, and the other part is that he's slightly crazy, and you have to be to take on something with the scope of "Green Lantern." He's less of the director and more of a general. He just really knows strategies, he knows the intricacies, and his attention to detail! It's infectious. I sat down with him, and I could not even believe what he was saying. When I went to the meeting, I was entirely cynical. I thought, "What the hell, I'll see what they have to say," and I left the room with a completely different perspective.
 Thor- Come on you knew Thor was going to be in this post somewhere, the movie is clogging up the newsrooms with it's many casting rumours and confirmations and this tidbit once again has to do with a character from the film. For once, though, it's not a case of who is playing the character but whether that character will even be in the film. Variety, today, reported that ""Thor," scripted by Mark Protosevich, Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, centers on a partly disabled med student who discovers his Norse god alter ego, the hammer-swinging Thor." In Marvel history that disabled med student is Donald Blake but through sources at Ain't it Cool News it's believed that Blake will not be in the film. Surely they wouldn't create a new character with the same description and story as Blake? Ain't it Cool News also have a heap of potential spoilers from an as yet UNTRUSTED source who claims to have seen the script for Thor. They confirm Blake's role while also dishing out other spoilers from Thor and some details on The Avengers. Remember, while this is an UNTRUSTED source, there could still be spoilers so read on at your own discretion. 

* The film starts with the 6 warriors (Thor, Loki, the Warriors 3 and Sif) in Asgard, OdinHopkins on the throne, etc.
* Loki is adopted, hence the black hair.
* Loki kills his dad, usurping the throne, Thor is cast out to Earth.
* Thor lands in a desert, and is promptly run over (literally) by Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard, a PhD cosmology student and her Norwegian professor, who have gone out to study though telescopes a strange cloud in the cosmos.
* When they realize that Thor is who he says he is, Stellan, who has grown up with Norse mythology, can't quite deal with it and goes out on a drinking binge.
* The script closes with a 5-page battle. The fighting styles for Thor and Loki are, as you'd expect, markedly different, Thor being very much about raw strength, Loki being much more about motion, grace and intelligence. The closing battle will be the first thing they film.
* Loki is one of, if not the key [“Avengers”] bad guy.
* The [“Avengers”] film opens with 20 minutes of Loki basically entrapping/brainwashing Banner, and in so doing gaining control of the Hulk for his own nefarious deeds. This spurs the Avengers into existence.

Like I said this is an UNTRUSTED source so think what you will of the 'spoilers' here. I do like the idea of a couple of the villains teaming up in Avengers, Tim Roth stated Abomination may make an appearance, and without going the alien route The Hulk would be something that would be big enough to require a team of heroes. Then they could blast him off into space and they could do a Planet Hulk film and then a World War Hulk film....Okay so they are just my crazy dreams for the character but hey, it could happen. The naming of Skarsgard in a role is interesting because while it was rumoured a few months ago he would star nothing has been said since. AICN, and I would have to agree, believe this could be a measuring stick as to how trusted the source is. If we hear Skarsgard confirmed as a professor then there could very well be something to these spoilers.

Hex and Losers Photos- Finally we just have few pretty, okay the Hex one isn't so pretty, pictures from two comic book movies The Losers and Jonah Hex.

Both films are set to come out in 2010 and will give some lesser known comic books a chance at the big screen. Personally I'm far more interested in Hex, the story of a disfigured bounty hunter in the deep south.




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