Tarantino Confirms Kill Bill 3

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Depending on how you feel about Quentin Tarantino and the blood fueled antics of The Bride this news could be the most awesome thing ever or your worse nightmare come to fruition. For me this is definetley something akin to the most awesome thing ever.

In an article that has appeared on IGN through Entertainment Weekly, welcome to the convoluted news process, Tarantino confirmed that he would be bringing back The Bride for a third installment on an Italian talk show, Parla Con Me. Entertainment Weekly has said that whilst he has confirmed the film don't expect it any time soon as Tarantino wants there to be a 10 year break between the second and third film resulting in a 2014 release date, which EW points out will make Uma Thurman 44 and "just the right age to kick more ass".

So whilst this is fantastic news it also seems a little bit unexpected. The second Kill Bill movie seemed to wrap up the stories of all those involved quite well because, spoiler alert, everyone The Bride meant to kill including Bill was, well, killed. Could this mean the next film will involve a storyline about The Bride's daughter? This might explain why there needs to be a 10 year gap between the second and third film as Tarantino is waiting for her to be old enough to become an assassin herself or just old enough to get into some more shenanigans that require her mum to mame and mutilate a whole bunch of people for our enjoyment.  Genki from The 8-th Cicruit has reported that some stories floating around in 2007 stated a third and fourth film would be made and focus on "a revenge story of two Crazy 88s killers whose arms and eyes were hacked by Uma Thurman in the first volume" and "Vol.4 would then focus on the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green."

Sadly we can't expect to see Bill anywhere in this third film, through a flashback or something, after the sad passing of David Carradine. That means the only things we should expect to remain from the first two movies are the title, The Bride and Tarantino's unique directing style as this will probably be a whole new experience. In another note how does this movie affect the release of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair the long awaited DVD release of the combined Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. IGN reminds us that we still have confirmed release date for the box set and with this third film coming out the release of the box set may be delayed as well so all three movies can be released together. Like I said though, there's a good chance this third movie will have very little to do with the first two so we may see the release of The Whole Bloody Affair before we see Kill Bill 3, here's hoping anyway.



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