Wii Price Drop Australia

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 3:27 PM

So the other day I posted an article about the announcement of a price drop for the Wii. At that time details had only been given for a price drop in the US and for a new bundle in the UK. I had made the assumption that we would get the actual price drop in Australia and it would be around $300 to $350. Apparently I made a false assumption because Vooks, a gaming website, has just posted a story from the Sydney Morning Herald. In the story the Sydney Morning Herald spoke to Nintendo Australia to find out how the price drop would affect the price of a Wii in Australia. They said that they won't be passing on the price cut in Australia and instead they would be releasing "a range of software bundles" for the Christmas period.

Currently there is no information on when those bundles will be released and what exactly they will contain but considering how well the Australian dollar is doing at the moment I think Australian consumers should be pretty pissed off about this especially when you consider the fact that we are paying double the price of a Wii in the States even though the dollar is trading pretty high, in the 80s, with the US dollar. Nintendo Australia will have to release a pretty damn impressive package and soon to make Aussie consumers feel like they aren't being ripped off. Wii Fit as well as the current Wii bundle for $400 or the Wii Sports Resort bundle the UK is going to get would be the way to go if the packages are to be released soon or wait for New Super Mario Bros or Red Steel 2.  Either way I still think we are getting ripped off.



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