Awesome Halo Legends Trailer

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 9:53 AM

So I just checked out the homepage of 1up a fantastic site about video games and I stumbled upon something pretty awesome. It seems that last week, on the 17th of September, Spike TV in the States debuted some footage from the upcoming Halo Legends anime. They showed about 5 minutes from the episode Babysitter which is about a team of ODST's who get partnered with a Spartan for a mission. Now let me tell you, this anime looks freaking amazing. The thing you'll notice the most from this trailer is the more hands on nature of the combat, it could just be because this is a stealth mission or something but there is no running and gunning like in the game. This is up close and personal stuff from the Spartan and ODST's and I liked it. Watching the Spartan go toe to toe with what you would assume, from the game, is a Brute Chieftain is just kick ass especially when he punches him in the stomach and the Brute vomits everywhere. This is definetley a great post by 1up with the release of Halo ODST today so now you can enjoy even more Halo goodness. Also we should expect more trailers as Halo Waypoint comes online in early November.



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