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Or what I'm liking and this time not liking in video games and movies at the moment.

1. Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 3. I haven't even tried out the proper multiplayer maps yet I'm too addicted to the new Nazi Zombies map. The teleporters are fun and the gun upgrader is great now my shit weapons can be slightly less shit. Seriously though this map is designed for four players working together and when that happens it's a lot of fun and results in a lot of dead Nazi Zombies, BOO YEA!!

2. Superhero Video Games. Batman Arkham Asylum is amazing and I can't wait to put my review up. The game looks fantastic, the story is great and it manages to embrace the comicbook universe it's based on. With the success of Arkham Asylum I'm even more pumped for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 which comes out soon. I was always a bigger fan of the Marvel Universe so if Ultimate Alliance 2 is as good as Arkham Asylum then I may have a new favourite game.

3. Free Downloadable Content. Batman Arkham Asylum was a great game but I'm liking it even more with the announcement of TWO free downloadable map-packs. Considering I paid $100 for the game I appreciate the fact that one, these are free and two that they are not just the extra maps that came with the pre-order version but two whole new maps. More studios should do this!!!!

4. 10 Years of Dreamcast. I had two Dreamcasts growing up, one was Japanese and one was either from Australia or America if I remember correctly. In its day the much loved console from Sega, by those who actually bought it, was the leader in cutting edge graphics and paved the way for things like Xbox Live. I still remember playing Sonic 3D for the first time and running across ta jetty as a huge killer whale tried to eat me, it looked amazing and was so intense for a Sonic game.

5. Live Action Halo 3: ODST Trailer. This is probably one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. Why do they make such amazing things like this when they haven't confirmed when and whether a live action Halo movie will be made? Now I just want to see more live action Halo stuff and it's going to be ages until I do. Also Banshee getting shot down to kill a Brute= FREAKING AWESOME!

1. Sequels to Dodgy Movies. Rambo 5? Big Momma's House 3? Who honestly wants to see these movies? Surely there are tons of projects like District 9 which studios could give that money too instead and make a movie that people might actually want to see.

2. Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2 Premiere. Season 2 has just premiered in the States, not sure about Australia, and we still don't have a complete box set of the first season. Why are you doing this to us George? I won't watch the second season until I have finished watching the first and without the availability of a complete box set it is going to be a while before I see season 2.

3. Vampire and Werewolf love stories. There was a time when Vampires were cool. Now they are all love drunk pretty boys. Bring back the Christopher Lee Dracula movies where all they wanted to do was eat people and treated humans like cattle not objects of affection. I mean sure there is a big connection between Vampires and sex but does every story have to revolve around some girl who captures the heart of a vamp and he has all these choices about whether to eat or not to eat and they just can't live without each other. Just once I'd like to see the girl fall for the guy and he just eat her and go "Sorry, I was hungry and I'm a Vampire soo this is what I do" and then just walk off.

4. 2010. I'm not liking next year at the moment because a lot of games I was looking forward to playing THIS year are now pushed back to 2010. Whilst games like Starcraft II were announced as delayed long ago as far as I knew Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and Mafia II were all coming out this year, before the holidays. Now they have all been delayed till next year. I guess though this is a good thing as well because I want spend as much money leading up to Christmas and I'll have more games to play throughout the year but right now I'm really annoyed!



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