Tracking Down Trailers

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Everyday trailers are released for new films, video games and TV shows. It's hard to keep track of all the stuff that is out there but after some lengthy searches through YouTube and other sites I've found some of the best new trailers out there at the moment.

Fantastic Mr Fox
Based on the Roald Dahl book this bizarre film features the voice talents of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray as a cast of stop motion animals. The group must band together to protect their homes from a bunch of human farmers who have plans to move them out. It's kind of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run eaque in its humour and style. It's scheduled to be released later this year.

Ninja Assassin
A complete 360 from the cute looking Fantastic Mr Fox is the blood and guts fuelled action feature Ninja Assassin starring Korean popstar Rain. Produced by the Wachowski brothers and helmed by V for Vendetta director James McTeigue it has a super cool action style where the weapons looking like they'll come out of the screen and hit you. It follows orphan Raizo (Rain) from his inception into and training with the mysterious Ozunu Clan of ninja assassins and then his subsequent betrayal of the clan after they kill one of his best friends. Looks like a good action flick and Rain could be a star of the future, hits screens later this year.

Call of Duty World At War
The first two map packs for the highly popular Call of Duty game World at War have sold tons of copies and with each map pack we are treated to a new Nazi Zombies experience one of the greatest game segments ever. In the third map pack we are treated to anothe rnew zombies map with its own unique challenges. The Machinima lauch trailer for Der Reisse, the new zombie map, is insane with the interaction between the four characters and the solid walkthrough of the new map. That teleporter thing looks interesting ay?

Aliens vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator for the 360 is one of my most anticipated games which is unfortunately not out until next year. It prmoises three unique game experiences as you can play as the Colonial Marines, Aliens or Predators. There'll be a mixture of stealth, horror and all out mayhem as you try to survive. The latest trailer showcases how hard it's going to be a Marine and has just made me want it even more!!!!

Spartacus Blood and Sand
Is it me or are certain TV shows become more and more like movie productions? Not that this is a bad thing though as we are getting shows like the hugely anticipated Spartacus Blood and Sand. It's being called the 300 of TV with its mixture of intense violence and sex and it's unique filming style. What it really is, is 300 crossed with Gladiator as it follows Spartacus from his capture to his exploits in the Gladitorial Colosseum. It promises to be gory, epic and oh so cool and it's coming in 2010.

Planet Hulk
Finally we have an offering from our good friends over at Marvel. Whislt there is a lot of hype surrounding their new Wolverine and Iron Man animes the people in I guess it would be the normal animation department? are still hard at work on their own projects. The latest big thing is the DVD Movie Planet Hulk. With the help of Lionsgate studios this movie promises to Hulk smash and bash it's way through one of the coolest Hulk storylines ever, his exile to the savage planet Sakaar by Iron Man and the Illuminati. The animation style looks good and it looks like they have included most of the key storypoints so hopefully this movie will be good enough to warrant a sequel, World War Hulk where the Hulk brings it all back home.



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