They Are Making a Sequel?

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Rambo 5
It seems like John Rambo is never going to die, ever! After saying that the 4th Rambo flick would complete the series it seems Stallone can't let his gun toting alter ego die. The 5th Rambo, which is slated to begin shooting once Stallone has finished work on The Expendables, will once again star and be directed by Stallone. Variety is reporting that apparently this time Stallone will be back on American soil, kind of. Rambo will go toe to toe with Mexican drug dealers and human traffickers after a young girl is abducted at the US-Mexico border. Why do we need to see a 5th Rambo? Do I want to see a 5th Rambo film? I don't know. I imagine it will be gory as hell just like the 4th.

Bad Boys 3
I actually liked Bad Boys 2, I mean sure just like everyone else I didn't really see the point of it but it was a fun film filled with some great action scenes and you pretty much didn't have to think about it at all, the now famous Michael Bay style. It seems a few other people liked it, making $273 million worldwide and now The Hollywood Reporter is saying Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and Bay are prepared to work on a third film if a story can be worked out. All three are huge stars in their own right at the moment and a third film would certainly have some buzz and hype attached to it but no deal was ever signed for the three to return so wages could be an issue for the film. Writer Peter Craig is currently working on a script but no details have emerged yet. It could really be anything as the second one did not really flow from the first and if they can't secure the core three of Bay, Smith and Lawrence or at least Smith and Lawrence then this film should not even be considered for development, use the money on something new.  

District 9
After seeing this film everyone knew that talk of a sequel would be brewing. It was amazing and has been quite successful at the box office and the story leaves plenty to come back to. Blomkamp himself has spoken about the prospects in many interviews with his focus surprisingly rooted to Sharlto Copley's Wikus van der Merwe who is turned into an alien at the end of the first film. He reckons that the storyline of whether Wikus will become human again is more interesting than alien Christopher Johnson and his plan to come back and free his species in three years time. He also hinted at a prequel, focused around a younger Wikus whom he admitted he had a lot of fun with. Whilst it was expected there would be talk of a sequel I kind of don't want them to do one. The film was so amazing because it was new and fresh I think it would be hard for them to take that into another film and there would be huge expectations for the film after the success of the first which would be hard to meet. Renn Brown from brings up an interesting point about the difficulties of shooting a sequel to a film filmed in the documentary style. It's hard to think of another reason why the camera is being used that way. What I did like the sound of on is the fact that Blomkamp's next project is going to be another sci fi original this time set on another planet, in the distant future. I am already excited for that.



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