Rotten Tomatoes 25 Most Anticipated Remaining Movies of 2009

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My verdict on the films in Rotten Tomatoes 25 Most Anticipated Films left in 2009.

25. Zombieland- It's about a land...of Zombies. Stars Woddy Harrleson and Abigail Breslin (goofy girl from Little Miss Sunshine) in a horror comedy of George Romero action and trashy humour.
Will See It- To see Abigail Breslin get attacked by a zombie, that in itself sounds hilarious.

24. 500 Days of Summer- Has blown away reviewers in the States, it's about a girl who falls in love with a girl who doesn't love him back yet likes casual sex in the supply room. Stars Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.
Will See It- Because I'm a sucker for odd little indie comdies like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine and I love Matthem Gray Gubler.

23. The Informant!- Soderbergh. Damon. Corn! What the? A bizarre comedy I saw the trailer for the other day it follows a bipolar agribusiness executive who is trying to blew the whistle on his company for the government. Stars Matt Damon.
Will See It- Because I liked the Ocean's films and because it looks genuienly funny and slightly out there.

22. Astro Boy- Based on the famous manga and TV show everyone's favourite little robotic boy is coming to the big screen...without much fanfare. With such a stellar cast including Freddi Highmore, Nicholas Cage, Bill Nighy and Samuel L Jackson to name a few I thought people would be pumped for this.
Will See It- Because I was Speed Racer and people are saying it can't be worse than that.

21. Couples Retreat- A comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau where four couples go to a remote island for couples counselling.
Won't See It- Because I'm not a huge fan of trashy comedies like this, maybe I'll catch it on DVD

20. A Christmas Carol- Another remake of the famous Dicken's tale this time it's by the staunchest supporter of motion capture Robert Zemeckis (Polar Express and Beowulf) and stars Jim Carrey and his mulitude of voices and faces.
Won't See It- Because Carrey alreadys tole my christmas innocence with the Grinch and Uni fuelled my hatred for anything Dickens with Great Expectations.

19. Anvil! The Story of Anvil- A real documentary about the band who are said to of inspired Metallica and Slayer.
Won't See It- Because I hate metal, nuff said.

18. The Box- Directed by Donnie Darko's Richard Kelly a couple (Cameron Diaz and James Marsden) are given a strange device and the film explores the consequences of fate.
Will See It- Because they say it's worthy of being the follow up to Donnie Darko and well who didn't love that.

17. 2012- The terribly over the top disaster movie we've been waiting for in 09 helmed by the master of disaster Roland Emmerich. Stars John Cusack and Danny Glover but who cares the world is ending.
Will See It- I have a curious obsession with how the world will end, there's nothing wrong with that.

16. Whip It- Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, women's roller-derby it's hard not to be interested in this even if it's just to sit their and gasp at the women beating the crap out of each other whilst they go around in a circle. Curiously it's Barrymore's first movie as a director, will she be any good?
Will See It- On DVD probably unless someone forces me to go, I mean it sounds interesting but not interesting enough when there are other things out.

15. Sherlock Holmes- Should be higher in the list it is probably close to my most anticipated film of the rest of the year. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law as the famous crime solving duo Holmes and Watson with Guy Ritchie directing plus guns, slow mo boxing fights and drug taking now that's my type of Sherlock.
Will See It- For the above reasons and because I have a man crush on Robert Downey Jr's characters, don't judge me you know you do to.

14. Funny People- It has funny people in it, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen and it's directed by a funny guy Judd Apatow but it deals with serious drama and life issues. Sounds interesting and I really want to see Sandler in a good film not just a stupid film.
Will See It- To cringe at Eric Bana's over the top Aussieness

13. Moon-A thinking persons sci fi in the vein of 2001 A Space Odyssey it's basically Sam Rockwell on the Moon losing his marbles just before he gets to go home and be with ya know other people. Highly ambitious, highly anticipated and reviewed fantastically.
Will See It- By myself and start to slowly lose my mind.

12. A Serious Man- Have heard nothing about this film until reading the article I am surprised and excited to find it's directed by the amazing Coen borthers Joel and Ethan and is a black comedy about a professor's slowly unravelling life. Said to have the best teaser of the year I'm now super psyched.
Will See It- Because I love the Coen's, I even loved Burn After Reading.

11. Ponyo- Miyazaki we love you, you continuely give us breathtaking animated movies which deal with complex issues and just blow us away. Ponyo appears to do the same, the film dubbed the Little Mermaid of the Miyazaki universe (if only for the premise; fish wants to be girl) it's an emotional ride with that trademark style.
Will See It- When it comes out on DVD unfortunately because apparently it's better in Japanese.

10. Jennifer's Body- Casting Megan Fox as a man eater will get the guys excited and the girlfriends worried but that's what Fox is in Juno writter Diablo Cody's B movie style horror film. Expect to see this with lots of geeky, desperate guys.
Won't See It- Because I'm actually not interested at all.

9. The Road- John Hillcoat, director of The Proposal, makes a move on Hollywood with The Road. Starring Viggo Mortensen and based on a Cormac McCarthy novel the movie is bleak apocalyptic movie about isolation and hopelessness. Apparently the trailer sucked though.
Will See It- Because I like Mortensen, Hillcoat and McCarthy so all three together should be good right?

8. Shutter Island-Looks amazing, Scorsese and Di Caprio team up again and it has Jackie Earl Haley from the Wtachmen in it. Normally I'd like this but it's a creepy horror film about a mental institution and they aren't my cup of tea so we'll see what the reviews are like.
Won't See It- Because I get freaked out too easy which is a shame because it looks great. DVD with the lights on anyone?

7. Twilight: New Moon- Just like Tarantino's Basterds or Cameron's Avatar everyone knows about the next Twilight. This time there's a new director but really I don't care although millions of screaming teenage girls do.
Won't See It- Because I still feel scarred from the time I watched Twilight, I'll never get those precious minutes back...sigh.

6. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus- Directed by Terry Gilliam, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it stars Heath Ledger in his actual last role and includes Tom Waits as the devil (omg awesome!) and Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law filling in Ledger's missing scenes. A trippy adventure about I don't know what it just looks interesting and weird as hell.
Will See It- Because of that strange morbid sense of fascination everyone had with the Dark Knight is back again with Ledger's actually last work.

5. The Lovely Bones- Peter Jackson's latest effort it which shies away from his epic Hollywood style of his last few films. Based on a book, what isn't these days, it's story sounds fantastic if a little creepy. A girl who is murdered looks over her family and killer from the grave, certainly something which will appeal to some and totally creep out others it's said to be a master piece of cinema skill from Jackson.
Will See It- Because I'm one of those weird people who wonders if that actually happens when you die and is the reaosn I've seen Ghost Town and will see this.

4. Up-It's already won over the States but sadly it is still waiting to be shown in Australia. Reportedly Pixar's most polished and best told tale about an old man who decides to take off in his house, it looks amazing and is said to cause huge controversy if it misses out on a Best Picture Nomination come Awards time.
Will See It- Because everyone else already has and I feel out of the loop.

3. Inglorious Basterds- If you haven't heard about Tarantino's latest film then you must have been living under a rock. The World War II film that seeks to reinvent history with an all star cast of existing talent (Brad Pitt and Michael Myers) along with newcomers like Christoph Waltz.
Will See It- On Friday baby.

2. Where The Wild Things Are- Based on the popular children's book with only 10 sentences this Spike Jonze helmed film has been on a rollercoaster ride to disaster after first shots were shown to mega hype after the two whimsical and fantastic trailers that have been released since. The perfect movie to escape back to your childhood with.
Will See It- Because I read the book and it had an Arcade Fire song in the trailer, instant success for me.

1. Avatar- James Cameron's super hyped movie that is set to change the face of cinema as we know it, according to the hype. He's been super secretive about this new universe he is creating filled with giant aliens called Navi and an Aussie in a wheelchair Sam Worthington (I'm not being offensive it's just that's about all we know). Everyone will be there on opening day if only out of curiosity.
Will See It- Because you have to, this may be one of those things where people say what were you doing on Avatar's opening day and I don't wanna say "oh ya know, snacking mostly".



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