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There has been a bit happening in the movie world in the past week and I'll provide a quick wrap up of what's been going down.

Predator- The Robert Rodrigues reboot got a production date, September 28th but still no word on a release date. I'm really looking forward to this as it's going to take place on a Predator controlled world and try to bring back the horror and suspense of the first film.

Superman- Big news here, the Siegel Estate which represent the descendants of Superman creator Jerry Siegel have won a court case against Warner Brothers. The rights to early Superman material, namely the very first Superman comic strips, are now controlled by the Estate. This means a lot of backstory to The Man of Steel, important for any proposed reboot, is no longer Warner Brothers to use meaning they'll have to seek permission to use it. Where this puts the reboot Warner desperately wants I don't know but IGN reported they'll have to begin production no later than 2011 as they lose all rights in 2013.

Battlestar Galactica- The hit TV show, which was based off a a TV show from the 70's is getting the big screen treatement by X-Men director Bryan Singer. The movie, whose rights are owned by Universal, will be a completely separate event from the TV show looking to further reimagine the Battlestar Galactica universe. I'm not a massive Galactica fan so this news is a bit meh to me.

Wolverine- The sequel, which everyone knew was coming thanks to the end of credits scene, is going to based on Frank Miller's and Chris Claremont's 1980's miniseries Wolverine. The series saw Wolverine dealing with a lot of ninjas as he decided what path to follow, the honourable and disciplined way of the Samurai or the savage animalistic nature inside of him. Christopher McQuarrie, Oscar winning writer for The Usual Suspects, has just been signed on to write the script for the sequel and with a pedigree like that hopefully we'll see a super cool sequel. I liked the first Wolverine but I didn't love it, hopefully Claremont's story and McQuarrie script can do that.

Underworld- Big news for fans of the Underworld series. As you may recall we see Viktor slink away at the end of the third film with many people believing this was done to leave a fourth film possible. Sony Screen Gems has gone one better than a fourth and announced a whole new trilogy for the Underworld universe. There is much speculation about who will return but Bloody Disgusting has reported a rumour that Kate Beckinsale will return in the fourth in 3D (they are particularly happy about that bit). This could mean we see the storyline where Selene (Beckinsale's character) interacts with Viktor (Bill Nighy) and the Vampires which wa sonly glimpsed in flashbacks. The movie is scheduled for release January 21, 2011 and I look forward to more Vampire and Lycan action.

The Oz Wars- An interesting bit of news here, Vanguard Films have purchased the rights to a graphic novel called The Oz Wars. A sequel to The Wizard of Oz it takes a completely different tact to the original presenting us with a world ravaged by war as the Evil Witches wage war from their citadel on the resistance fighters headed by the Wizard. This is very intriguing and would definetly garner some interesting reactions from fans of the original. Vanguard have described it as a perfect PG 13 sci fi action story with themes of liberation and independence.

Lego- That's right the toy to film craze shows no sign of ending as Warner Bros. have snapped up the rights to the iconic Danish building brick. Pegged as a family comedy which will mix live action and animation the film will be an action adventure in lego land. This just seems a little too far for me, I love the lego games but a lego movie? That's something else.

Avengers- Tim Roth, in an interview, said that he had signed a deal to play Abomination in three films for Marvel. Apparently though there is an agreement that they don't have to use him but they have the option. It's interesting to know that Roth said he wasn't tied to just the Hulk franchise and that he could appear anyway, like the Avengers film. Also more interesting is an idea that Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier has for the Avengers movie. There's a lot of speculation over who will helm the film which brings together four different characters who have already been imagined on the screen by different directors. Leterrier believes that Marvel should allow EACH director to film an Avengers movie. He goes on to say that they'd be no longer than an hour and a half and Marvel would release them a few weeks to a month after each other. Each movie would tell the same story but from different perspectives and directors. An ambitious project although one I am very interested in it will be interesting to see if Marvel even considers it as an option.



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