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Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:31 PM

Or what I'm liking right now in movies, video games and anything else that comes to mind.

1. Johnny Depp- It's hard not to like him or at least be interested by him. I just watched Secret Window and he plays an amazing nut job, as always. If I could have even a cup full of his charisma, well I'd certainly be out doing something amazing like wooing movie crowds.

2. Harrison Ford- Air Force One is on TV at the moment and it is still a great movie. Ford just kicks ass as the President reclaiming his own plane from a bunch of terrorists. Hell I'd be angry too if a bunch of terrorists stole my private jet and well I'd probably vote for Harrison Ford as President as well, who cares what his view on the economy is, Indiana Jones and Han Solo you can't beat that pedigree.

3. Destructible Environments- Whether it's complete destruction in Red Faction: Guerilla or near complete in Battlefield: Bad Company and 1943 I love just going round and blowing shit up. I guess it's from having a real time strategy upbringing where everything is usually pretty destructible but now being able to get up close and personal to do it is just so much fun. The more destruction, the more fun I say.

4. Random Explodable Red Barrels- They are barrels and you can shoot them and they blow up, nuff said really.

5. Replaying Old Games- It's like getting reacquainted with an old friend. Even though you haven't seen each other for a while things are just as good as you remember. As we are in the American summer the games industry is going through a bit of a lull with few big releases, the perfect time to go back and get some much sought after replay value from your old games. I'm currently replaying Fable II, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Halo 3 and earlier Call of Duty titles and they are just as good now.

6. Anime Invasion- Iron Man Anime, Wolverine Anime, Halo Anime, HELL YES!!! Seriously everything looks better in anime. Whether you're trying to reimagine an old character or series or find a new avenue to explore the story surrounding a character anime is a good way to go. It looks freaking amazing and personally I'd like to see more anime based series, a Star Wars anime anyone I mean how cool would that be!!! Or how about Assassin's Creed or expanding The Warriors into anime.



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