5 Reasons To Be Excited About the Latest Halo News

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 5:09 PM

1. It concerns the long rumored and never actually in production Halo Movie which we all thought was dead after Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp said they had left the movie.

2. It concerns the movie being based on the script written by Stuart Beattie, which was Halo the Fall of Reach. The Fall of Reach is probably one of the most amazing and devastating parts of the Halo universe and it features a hell of a lot of Spartans.

3. It says that Steven Spielberg is keen to land a really big, blockbuster picture to launch his new studio.

4. It says that Spielberg loved the Fall of Reach script and says that reps for both Beattie and Spielberg are pushing through a deal as we speak. Spielberg ATTACHED TO HALO!

5. We could see Saving Private Ryan....IN SPACE!!!!

So at the moment this is all just rumor and speculation, nothing has been confirmed or denied but it does get you interested and a little bit excited. Personally I think the Spielberg attachement is good as he'll be a good mentor for whoever actually gets the job of directing and the man has an amazing pedigree behind him. Hopefully we'll see more of a Saving Private Ryan and early Indiana Jone influence from Spielberg, well crafted epics and if he could find a mix of the two (war epic, adventure, character flick) I think it would fit Halo well. Even if you don't like the Spielberg attachement the fact that it is still trying to get made is great as Halo is one of the biggest video games ever and has a very distinct cinematic quality already and a wealth of backstory, like Reach attached to it. Also it would be very interesting to see a film version of Reach after we'll get the chance to play it in Halo: Reach. It would be a nice flow on to go from the game to the movie soon after.



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