Madness?? These... Are... Video Games!!!

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 6:16 PM

Over the weekend a few interesting, almost mad stories have evolved in the video game universe. Firstly something that's not so mad but interesting to know, Halo 3:ODST is the next release from Bungie in to the Halo universe. Much has been made about the fact this game will not be as long as the originals and is more of an expansion pack to the original. Therefore people believe it's price should be decided accoridingly. Bungie originally said this was going to be a 3 to 5 hour game and would not be a $60 US retail title, it would be scaled down. Well Bungie was obviously telling porky pies or Halo 3: ODST has been vastly uprgraded since then because it has been made available for pre-order at the price of $59.99 US. Hopefully the game times been extended or they just think their multiplayer is that awesome that it's worth it. Hardcore fans can spend $100 and get the collectores edition which comes with a specialised remote. ODST drops on September 30 2009.

That story is not so much madness as it is a potential rip off. Although it is still a title that I'll probably buy regardless of the price and just hope it's a longer game experience. What I can definetley say is madness is the latest analyst prediction for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. It is almost udneniable that this going to be one of the biggest games of the year and possibly all time. Such was the success of the first title, it sold 12 million copies after just 17 months, that one analyst is predicting Modern Warfare 2 could sell 11.1 million copies in 2 months!! 2 MONTHS!! That isn't just madness that is insane but it doesn't stop there. They are also predicting that the potential market for Modern Warfare 2 is 25.7 million gamers. Just think about that number for a second, 25.7 million gamers. That is more people than the population of Australia!!! Now that is just madness but probably the best kind. Just think of the online potential in those first few months, it'll be huge and a challenge for Activision to keep things running smoothly. Modern Warfare 2 faces the analysts on November 10 2009.

The final and most ambitious piece of news I have for you is the huge rumour of a new Xbox console being released as early as Autumn in the US NEXT YEAR!! 1Up is reporting a new Xbox console could be released in 2010!! 2010!! This is supposedly going to tie in with the release of Project Natal, the new no controller gaming technology Microsoft is developing. Everyone is expecting Natal's launch to be big with Microsoft's spokespeople saying it will be like a console launch complete with launch titles but a new gaming system? So far the rumours are flying that it will be a development similar to Nintendo's Gamecube and the Wii, only minor technical changes (so no huge graphical leaps like Xbox to 360) but it will be focused more around Natal and its capabilities. Those more conservative analysts and well me too hope this is mere speculation and that Microsoft will instead just release a new package like the Arcade and Pro which come with the Natal software. Seriously a new system? It seems like I'm only just getting to know my 360 and same with the developers and well I don't wanna have to shell out hundreds of dollars for Natal AND a new console.

So as you can see it's been a pretty eventful weekend in the video game industry whilst it has also been an interesting weekend personally with the acquisition of Red Faction Guerilla complete with bonus Handbook so expect a review soon.



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