They Pulled a Reverse Ritchie on Him

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That's right we've pulled a reverse Ritchie, a Guy Ritchie that is. So what is a reverse Guy Ritchie? Well it is a movie marathon involving Guy Ritchie's distinct British black comedy gangster films RocknRolla, Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels starting from RocknRolla.
RocknRolla- Story: Some low level gangsters, The Wild Bunch, get screwed by an old school gangster who meets some Russians, loses their favourite painting whilst they get screwed by a sultry accountant and...well I don't want to ruin it all for you but it involves junkies, musicians, sadist ex-Russian special forces soldiers and dancing.

What it did well- Great soundtrack and the dialogue involving the junkies is just gold sometimes 'It's only fire'

What it didn't- There wasn't anything in particular but there wasn't anything spectacular about it, just seemed a safe film trying to build on the formula and success of the previous two yet not as tongue-in-check funny.

Memorable Moment- There are a few, involving violence like the ex-Russian soldiers who just won't die when chasing the Wild Bunch or when Johnny Quid and a Bouncer face off involving a sharp pencil and a lot of blood.

Overall- Good not great, suitable to pass an evening in but as yet not as memorable as his other work. 6 puffs on a junkies pipe out of 10.Snatch-Story- A couple of illegal boxing promoters, part-time nasty men jewellery store clerks, a Russian expat gun seller who doesn't die Borris the Bullet Dodger, Jewish diamond dealers, fast talking Pikies and proper hard men gangsters intertwine with each other over a stolen diamond the size of a fist and a strange series of mishaps.

What it did well- Great cast including Brad Pitt as the lead Pikie Mickie in a truly memorable role, Benicio Del Toro, Vinnie Jones and Dennis Farina to name a few. This film is just hilarious with so many memorable one liners talk to anyone whose seen it even once you'll probably get into a conversation about this line or that.

What it didn't- Not a lot blatantly wrong although because the story has so many elements you really have to pay full attention on first and second viewing otherwise you won't have a freaking idea what is going on, it's all in the details. Personally I would have liked more Brad Pitt as well but that's cause I liked the character so much.

Memorable Moment- Toss up between first meeting Brad Pitt's character at the Pikie camp site and just being blown away and hard gangster Brick Top explaining the origins of the term as greedy as a pig, just creepy.

Overall- A spectacular film filled with great performances, a compelling story, hilarious one-liners and a dog that eats anything. Snatch gets 8 shots out of 10 to try and kill Borris the Bullet Dodger

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels- Story- The original Ritchie British gangster film sees four London based friends enter a not so legal card game. Things go wrong, as always, when the group gets in over its head and finishes the game half a million punds in debt. They then have a week to pay it back and so begins the twisted tale of their attempt to make good on their debt with plenty of near misses, dead bodies, colourful characters and contributing players to create an instant classic.

What it did well- So much, the story is well crafted, the charcters are both believable, the four friends but also totally out there, Mr Rory Breaker and Hatchet Harry and it sets the blueprint for the style of dialogue and music that's present in the other two.

What it didn't- It moves at a blistering pace and can leave you feeling a little exhausted at the end of it trying to keep up with it all and there's maybe one or two too many characters.

Memorable Moment- When the four guys to the pub to find out about Rory Breaker, the scene itself is hilarious but the fact that it's in full cockney slang and needs subtitles is just gold.

Overall- The film that started the Ritchie legacy it's witty, violent and a well thought out plot throwing one or two spanners in the works to keep you guessing. Lock Stock, the one that started it all gets 8 and a half weeks out of 10 to try and pay back its debt.



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