Retro-Recommendation TV Style

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 10:43 AM

So I've decided to pull myself away from Football Manager 2009 for a minute to make a quick post. I realised that so far I haven't discussed TV in my blog even though its in the blurb at the top of the page but have I found a treat for you. Did anyone remember seeing an X-Men cartoon in the early 90's? Well I certainly do and for years I've always regarded this as one of the best cartoons I've ever seen. I have the first couple of episodes on VHS but to my disappointment I could never get anymore of the show. Luckily the good folks at Marvel have come to the rescue as you can now go to their website and watch full episodes of the original show. So far they have posted 5 episodes and they are still as good as I remember them. This is X-Men as I've always remembered it, the crazy outfits, the freakish Morlocks, Gambit's awesome Creole accent (so much better than in the new film), the Sentinels and the random one liners "Hey tin woodsman I'm gonna take you back to pieces!!" And it's free!! You really just can't beat that so go on over and check it out now.



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