It's Not Comic Book Thursday

Posted by WhenYourGodGivesYouLemons On 4:30 PM

Damn Pulp Fiction and their delivery date being correct. The new shipment of comics isn't coming in till tomorrow because of the memorial day long weekend in the US, sigh. Seeing as I can't give you a review of a comic book I figure I can still give you the rundown on something comic book themed. Enter X:Men Origins- Wolverine for the XBox 360, a third person action game in the vein of God of War where you control the indestructible mutant himself. Now I know what you are thinking, movie tie in games suck and well generally they do but things have to change sometime and Wolverine is definetley a step in the right direction so here's the rundown.

Story: Mutant (no pun intended) version of the film with some similarities and some bizarre changes

What it does well: Blood, violence, gore and general nastiness associated with killing. Finally people who realise Wolverine is a brutal customer who likes to kill people in inventive ways.

What it doesn't: Cut scenes...They are freaking terrible, just unbelievably dodgy due to frame rate issues which make them look lagy. Made even worse after seeing the cool looking intro movie to the game which runs smoothly start to finish. Oh and boss fights can be lame, super lame.

Memorable Moment: Pulling a guy out of a helicopter and holding his head up to the blades so it can be splattered into a million tiny, fleshy pieces. Utterly cool and a sign that there's no going back for the game after that, although how did it not get censored?

Final Word: A good but not great game it is certainly at the peek of movie tie in genre but probably worth a rental seeing as you'll finish the game and get most of the achievements in a weekend tops. X:Men Origins Wolverine gets 7 stabs to the chest out of 10.



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